How does compare to hiring in-house?

If your business is scaling fast, you need a super-talented, flexible, and results-driven engineering team to help you seize new opportunities and scale confidently.

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Low effort
high reward

High Effort
Moderate Reward

Time to Hire
10 Days
6-10+ Weeks
Cost to Hire
Team Cost
Timezone Overlap
Daily Communication
Guaranteed Quality
Unlimited and Fast

Building an in-house team isn’t easy, it requires large amounts of time and money before you can see any results. Enter The platform to help you build your world-class engineering team, fast.

Time to Hire

Just 10 days to hire has access to 100’s of vetted developers in-house, ensuring we have the developers for you. At short notice. Without any hiring costs.

6-10+ Weeks
Building an in-house engineering team requires an enormous amount of time and effort, time that you should be focusing on your business operations.
Cost to hire

Hiring your team through doesn’t cost you anything, we cover all the costs involved.

Not only does hiring an internal team require time and effort, but it is also an expensive commitment, especially for scaling organizations with lots of unexpected or unpredictable overheads. 
Team Cost

We have direct access to top talent In lower cost jurisdictions. Through these lower costs we are able to beat your down the road supplier on price. Whilst competing on price, our quality promises a consistency of delivery.

Hiring in-house tech talent can be arduous. It is difficult to find the right developer that fits your budget, mainly due to the extreme demand in the market. This demand often results in high employee turnover and can mean you have to pay your talent more in order to keep them or avoid repeating the task of looking for replacement talent. 
Software development can be unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances result in unpredictable tech requirements and development velocity. Will assembling my in-house team help solve this?

The subscription model allows you to decide on your subscription package as your business evolves both from a scale-up and scale-down perspective. Essentially the model provides you with the ability to infinitely scale your engineering capacity at the speed you need. 

The IT industry undergoes constant change, with the introduction of new technologies, tools, and languages. You’ll have to ensure that your team keeps up with the changes, especially if it affects your products’ growth. To keep up with this, it will require intensive up-skilling or potentially hiring/firing. 
Transparent communication and synergy within your team are of the utmost importance and are directly related to your success. How will make sure there is clarity and daily communication between all stakeholders in my team? ensures that your team and all communication are fully synchronous. We achieve this by giving you full access to your team and tools (Slack, Jira, Client Portal, Repobot) with live tracking and updates. Along with this, we invite you to daily scrum ceremonies and relevant meetings.

Hiring a developer through a freelance marketplace is like rolling the dice, there is no guarantee on quality. Developers are not vetted, and often what you see on paper can be deceiving.
How can guarantee to provide me with the development quality I need? 

When subscribing to, you’re no longer confined to a limited choice of candidates within your vicinity. You’ll be spoilt for options with an immense pool of vetted talent to choose from. Thus guaranteeing your team lives up to your quality standards.

Sometimes, even after you spend tremendous amounts of time and effort on searching your local talent pool and finally find a suitable candidate, their rates are too high, they are just the wrong fit culturally or their quality is just not good enough.

Our company’s values

“'s capabilities are unquestionable and the company operates in a well structured manner.”
Project Lead
Anora Technologies

We work best when we work together. We believe in collaborating with our customers.


We’re committed to a culture of total transparency that is sensitive to our employees’ needs.


Growth-at-any-cost is a dangerous mindset that we’ve actively eschewed.


We believe that the only way to ensure something gets done is to do it ourselves.

Motivated Employees

We’re always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Get in touch for current openings.

Remote-Friendly & 5 Global Offices

The future of work is hybrid. Naturally, we’re happy to accommodate remote employees an in person.

Committed to Diversity

We hire from diverse backgrounds. Diversity brings a richness of experience that builds a strong team.

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“One word to sum it all up: Determination. It's been such a pleasure moving through teams who have the same determination to get us up and running, tested and deployed. ”
COO at Baotree