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productivity insights Analytics provides you with operational insights into your development teams in real-time, allowing you to set more accurate targets and make smarter decisions.

Operational Insights in real time

Increased target accuracy

Smarter decisions

Data-driven strategies

Real time reports

Seamlessly integrated with all your data and systems, synced in one dashboard with real-time reporting.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with tools you already use, including Github Enterprise and Bitbucket Server.

Get complete visibility and control

Avoid Roadblocks

Monitor progress against your plans and address deviations faster. Our platform helps you counter surprise obstacles and delays.

Beat Deadlines

Stay ahead of your schedule by tracking your team's progress on our platform. Get easy status updates from your team to ensure they are delivering.

Stay Agile

Adapt to a constantly-evolving industry and course-correct whenever necessary. You and your hand-crafted team can plan and execute with confidence.

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Loved by industry leaders

“The engineering team I worked with was extremely experienced. They knew exactly how to solve my problems, and did so effortlessly.”
Head of engineering
MACS Software
"My experience with has been a delight. I look forward to the many more projects together."
"I have found the teams to be extremely obliging when taking on projects. Would highly recommend."
" is the best solution for any business who does not have the capacity to scale engineering internally."
Managing director

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“One word to sum it all up: Determination. It's been such a pleasure moving through teams who have the same determination to get us up and running, tested and deployed. ”
COO at Baotree