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Hire developers for your company who specialize in custom software solutions. Engineer a simple and efficient solution that fuels your company’s growth and profitability.
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Unlock custom software solutions tailored to your business needs. With, stay ahead of trends, enhance cybersecurity, and scale seamlessly.

10-years of software engineering experience
A decade of experience in delivering custom software that meets your business and market needs, with a focus on quality and longevity.
Agile custom software solutions
Keep ahead with adaptable, trend-setting software designed to scale with your business, ensuring you lead in a competitive market.
Sustainable software growth
Artistry and engineering merge to drive your business forward. Choose for a partnership that champions long-term software success.
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Value for money developers specialized in custom software development

Your dedicated development teams will use advanced technologies and agile methods to create custom software solutions aligned with your strategic objectives.

Cost-effective African talent
Utilizing our top-tier African tech talent guarantees maximum value for your investment.
Scalable subscription model
Allowing you to scale your team size to align with your project's evolving needs.
Leverage SovTech’s own experts
Get technical oversight from our internal software professionals to ensure a successful product build.
95% user stories to production
We ensure reliable, efficient and consistent delivery sprint on sprint, providing you with consistent value.
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Join over 400+ companies already growing with

Get complete visibility and control

Leveraging our global technology expertise, you can go to market faster, scale faster and generate 10x more revenue.
Avoid roadblocks
Monitor progress against your plans and address deviations faster. Our platform helps you counter surprise obstacles and delays.
Beat deadlines
Stay ahead of your schedule by tracking your team's progress on our platform. Get easy status updates from your team to ensure they are delivering.
Stay agile
Adapt to a constantly-evolving industry and course-correct whenever necessary. You and your hand-crafted team can plan and execute with confidence.

Businesses like yours that benefit with

Scalable development teams suited to your specific industry and business needs.
Project UBU: Mobile App and PWA
The results were good, with 2 100 downloads in two months, and within the first year, over 19 000 UBU tokens were in circulation and up to 700 000 transactions were committed.
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Sureswipe: POS Lite
The development of Sureswipe’s POS Lite has opened up new business opportunities and markets for small-scale retail companies.
Read case study
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PPRO: Certified Fintech Unicorns's acclaimed partnership with this FinTech unicorn, PPRO, is evidence of our ability to work with some of the biggest and fastest growing start-ups globally.
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Teams to develop your software the right way​

Build a hand-crafted software development team that will be seamlessly integrated into your business to fulfil any development need.

Dedicated software development teams
Experts in agile methodologies, teams offer rapid development, seamless integration, and a commitment to delivering exceptional value.
Scalable team structure
Our flexible approach allows you to curate your team's composition, scaling up or down in response to project demands, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Fast and cost-effective hiring
A streamlined hiring process with $0 hiring costs and the ability to onboard skilled professionals within just 10 days, ensuring rapid team deployment without financial burden.
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" is the best solution for any business who does not have the capacity to scale engineering internally."
"My experience with has been a delight. I look forward to the many more projects together."
"I have found the teams to be extremely obliging when taking on projects. Would highly recommend."
MACS Software
“The engineering team I worked with was extremely experienced. They knew exactly how to solve my problems, and did so effortlessly.”


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