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Dedicated engineering teams tailored to meet your aspirations. We provides subscriptions to software development teams 3X faster and 30% more affordable.
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why choose scrums.com?

Why hire a Scrums.com development team?

Build a hand-crafted software development team that will be seamlessly integrated into your business to fulfil any development need.

Dedicated high-performance teams
Experts in agile methodologies, teams offer rapid development, seamless integration, and a commitment to delivering exceptional value.
Scalable team structure
Our flexible approach allows you to curate your team's composition, scaling up or down in response to project demands, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Fast and cost-effective hiring
A streamlined hiring process with $0 hiring costs and the ability to onboard skilled professionals within just 10 days, ensuring rapid team deployment without financial burden.

Businesses like yours that benefit with Scrums.com

Scalable development teams suited to your specific industry and business needs.
Project UBU: Mobile App and PWA
The results were good, with 2 100 downloads in two months, and within the first year, over 19 000 UBU tokens were in circulation and up to 700 000 transactions were committed.
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Sureswipe: POS Lite
The development of Sureswipe’s POS Lite has opened up new business opportunities and markets for small-scale retail companies.
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PPRO: Certified Fintech Unicorns
Scrums.com's acclaimed partnership with this FinTech unicorn, PPRO, is evidence of our ability to work with some of the biggest and fastest growing start-ups globally.
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Get complete visibility and control

Leveraging our global technology expertize, you can go to market faster, scale faster and generate 10x more revenue.
Avoid roadblocks
Monitor progress against your plans and address deviations faster. Our platform helps you counter surprise obstacles and delays.
Beat deadlines
Stay ahead of your schedule by tracking your team's progress on our platform. Get easy status updates from your team to ensure they are delivering.
Stay agile
Adapt to a constantly-evolving industry and course-correct whenever necessary. You and your hand-crafted team can plan and execute with confidence.
Expert software developers
With over 100 teams at Scrums.com, rest assured that each developer has been hand picked and thoroughly vetted.

Scalable, cost-effective subscriptions for development teams

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how we work

Development team structure

A typical team is structured as follows, but remember you can scale it up and down as you please.
A skilled software developer to write, debug and execute the source code of a software application.
Quality Assurance
Responsible for continuous auditing and analyzing the development cycle against deliverables.
Scrum Master
A dedicated facilitator for your agile scrum team. They manage the process for how information is exchanged.
Project Owner
‍Responsible for operative tasks such as analyzing data, preparing reports, tracking metrics and documentation.
Business Analyst
Analyzes a business and documents its processes, assessing it model and integration with technology.
our services

Hire a development team within 10-days

Spend less time recruiting and interviewing, and more time on core functions for your projects. We value the expertize of each of our software developers, pairing team members with diverse abilities to ensure each project is built perfectly.

3x faster to hire
Rapidly onboard top talent, with a hiring process three times faster than conventional methods.
30% more affordable
Enjoy high-quality development at 30% lower costs, optimizing your budget effectively.
Flexible outsourcing
Easily scale your team up or down, adapting swiftly to your project's evolving needs.
100+ development teams
Choose from over 100 specialized development teams, ready to tackle diverse technological challenges.
Scale your development team faster with Scrums.com
Join over 400+ companies already growing with Scrums.com.

Cost-effective development team subscriptions tailored to your business

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Get in touch and let's discuss
Your business
We want to hear all about you, your business, and what kind of development talent you are looking for.
How we work, our processes and how our tech talent contracts work.
The next steps
Let's chat about selecting and setting you up with your ideal talent choice.

Staff augmentation

Hire seniors from:
per hour
Affordable, scalable, reliable.
Access to 8000+ talent resources
Adjust your subscription with 1-months notice
10-days to align, meet, and kickoff
Switch out underperforming talent for free
No upfront fees
Cost-effective, fixed monthly rates
Discounts for larger teams


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