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Connect with software development experts that have a proven track record, and augment your current team on your terms.
Staff augmentation
Join 400+ companies already growing with Scrums.com
Tech experts with scrums.com

Hire tech experts the easy way

Our staff augmentation service integrates experienced, pre-qualified professionals into your development team, offering you flexibility, cultural alignment, and productivity.

Bypass lengthy recruitment
Fast-track to top tech talent. Sourcing with us connects you with the best individual tech professionals efficiently, and avoiding the usual recruitment hurdles.
Meet development deadlines faster
With over 8000+ tech experts, hire on-demand. Tap into our vast network of tech professionals to quickly find the right fit and hit the ground running, ensuring your projects stay on track.
Manage agility with outsourced talent
Leverage the flexibility of outsourcing to access skilled developers when you need them, keeping your operations agile and cost-effective without the commitment of in-house hiring.
our process for outsourcing

Cost-effective developers integrated into your business

Our stringent vetting processes; technical, psychometric and cultural, ensure that only the best in class individuals are hired into our ecosystem. With access to a global talent pool, we provide you with only the best.

Let us get to know your business. Tell us about your requirements and what kind of tech talent you need.
Our teams will look at the current culture and requirements of your business and match quality tech talent that best suite your teams.
Meet your tech talent. We have a 33% acceptance rate as we pre-qualify suitable talent to ensure they meet your needs.
Once you have your match, both you and the specialist will sign a contract to secure the engagement.
Scale your development team faster with Scrums.com
Join over 400+ companies already growing with Scrums.com.
Tech experts with scrums.com

Hire your dream software development team

Augment your internal teams with experienced developers. Hire for your specific needs, without the lengthly recruitment process.

Access to an 8000+ talent pool
Having a variety of tech talent to choose from allows us to have the best tech talent for your business from both a cost-effective, and quality perspective.
Optimized collaboration in your timezone
We carefully match you with professionals who align with your specific timezone, ensuring at least 4 hours of overlap each day for seamless, work-friendly collaboration and communication.
Project management all in one place
Experience the convenience of having all essential elements - Dashboards, analytics, subscriptions, and documents - integrated into a single, user-friendly interface for efficient project tracking and management.
Our talent radar

Our tech talent distribution

Our reach of top technical talent across the African continent.
We promote a dynamic mix of technical expertise, innovative thinking, and cultural diversity.
Our focus 
We drive growth while offering cost-effective solutions.
Scale your development team faster with Scrums.com
Join over 400+ companies already growing with Scrums.com.

Experience value for money by sourcing with Scrums.com

Cost-effective staff augmentation services for growth-focused companies, agencies and enterprises.
Quality African talent
You get the highest quality African talent, with diverse experience in legacy and cutting-edge technology stacks.
8000+ tech talent network
You get on-demand access to our extensive network of qualified African talent, making the sourcing process faster and easier.
82 NPS
You get happy developers with high NPS scores, with our included people operations support.
Fixed monthly rates
Expect fixed monthly costs and manage business cashflow, precisely. No overtime.
Replace under performers
We provide only the highest quality developers. However, if you are not satisfied with their performance, we will replace them for FREE.
Dedicated HR team member
Get a dedicated HR member to have monthly 1 on 1s to help drive employee happiness and in turn quality output.

Cost-effective tech experts tailored to your business

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Get in touch and let's discuss
Your business
We want to hear all about you, your business, and what kind of development talent you are looking for.
How we work, our processes and how our tech talent contracts work.
The next steps
Let's chat about selecting and setting you up with your ideal talent choice.

Staff augmentation

Hire seniors from:
per hour
Affordable, scalable, reliable.
Access to 8000+ talent resources
Adjust your subscription with 1-months notice
10-days to align, meet, and kickoff
Switch out underperforming talent for free
No upfront fees
Cost-effective, fixed monthly rates
Discounts for larger teams


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