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What is provides high quality engineering teams to scaling enterprises at lower costs. designs, builds, deploys and maintains custom software that gives scale-ups the opportunity to grow world-class businesses.

Why are you so much cheaper?

We have direct access to top talent in lower-cost, global jurisdictions. Through these emerging markets we are able to beat your down the road supplier on price. Whilst competing on price, our quality promises a consistency of delivery.

What about the time zone difference?

All our development teams will overlap with your timezone by a minimum of 4 hours a day. 

What times can I get in touch with the team?

The overlap will run for 4 hours from 8am - 12pm (GMT-4).

What is your software development methodology?

Agile Scrum is our preferred methodology but we are happy to work according to your methodology needs.

Are your development teams impacted by the power outages?

No, our delivery centers are equipped with failover power supplies should the need arise.

How do you put my team together?

We work with you to assemble your ideal team to meet your requirements across culture and tech. 

How do I know my developers are capable of executing on my project?

Our stringent vetting processes (technical, psychometric and cultural) ensure that only the best-in-class individuals are hired into our ecosystem.

What tooling is included with my subscription?

- Client Portal for overall project metrics. 
- Repobot for engineering and development metrics. 
- Jira for project planning. 
- G-suite and Slack for communication. 

Does work on the weekend or after working hours? (What hours and time zones does work?) staff members will work the usual work hours, 08:30am - 17:30pm on weekdays. If after hours work is needed, we are happy to have a discussion around this.
Timezone: GMT+2.
There will be a minimum overlap of 4 hours with the EDT time zone.

Can I configure a custom plan?

Yes of course. However we currently allow customers who have bigger requirements than our Level 4 plans to have full flexibility over the number of developers, engineering seniority, dedicated Project and Scrum masters, custom UI/UX design needs, QA processes and their internal DevOps requirements. Book a demo with us to find out more.

Can I come and see you?

With our headquarters based out of a Global tech and travel hub, London, we are only ever a flight away. 

Why (Where did the name come from?)

It’s just a name ;) But it really speaks to our preferred project management methodology - Scrum.

Do you have physical offices?

Yes, our global HQ is located in London with offices in New York, located at 15 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018, USA.

Your site says book a demo, can I have a demo of a previous project?

Absolutely! As a prerequisite we will need to get an NDA in place to protect all parties involved.

Why choose

Globally competitive rates.
Global talent pool.
Overlapping time zones.
Service level and communication.
Faster to scale.

Where are you based?

We are a global business with our US office based at 15 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018, USA.

Where do your developers sit?

Our global talent pool is predominantly based in Africa at one of our delivery centers. Remote delivery provides a competitive advantage to ensure the best talent working for you. 

Is all of my code custom and belongs to me? How does the IP work?

All code and surrounding IP generated through your  team belongs to your company. 

Who have you worked with in the past?

We have worked with numerous international companies in multiple industries around the globe, including: Naspers, Nivea, Huawei, Deloitte, BDO, PPRO and many more.

How does ensure ownership and accountability?

In our experience, full team accountability is crucial to the success of the team. It's important that the team is structured as an extension of our clients' businesses. This is achieved through ownership of delivery, deadlines and overall quality. Through the pre-kick off engagement we strive to comprehensively understand how to own your business’s KPI’s, key metrics, product North Star, stakeholder matrix and end user requirements to allow best product and technical decisions to be taken.

Do you only do scrum?

Agile Scrum is our preferred methodology but we are happy to work according to your methodology needs.

I need a developer tomorrow. Can you supply one?

Kick your project off with us in 10 days. 

When were we established?


Can I hire one of my team members permanently?

Our agreements allow for team member transfer after a period of 24 months at an agreed upon transfer fee. 

Can I have my team on site?

Our teams are structured from a global talent pool, allowing for best in class individuals assigned to your team from both a quality and cost perspective. 

Can I meet the potential developers prior to signing?

We make specialist recommendations on how to structure individual teams. Of course different individuals can be brought into your team at varying intervals to meet your project requirements. 

What is the minimum plan commitment?

The minimum subscription commitment is one year; however we do offer quarterly trials on a limited basis. 3 months is how long it takes to fully onboard your team and establish good processes and working relationships, and to deliver on your requirements and software roadmap. We encourage moving to an annual commitment after the trial period to avail of the cost savings and predictability that comes with it.

Can you come and see me?

Absolutely, whilst the world has been brought closer together through digital tooling, we value building face-to-face relationships. 

How do I know which plan is right for me?

We can help guide you! Just book a demo with us and we'll figure it out based on your team's needs as well as your software development needs. Let's find the best option, together.

Flexible subscription model

How does your subscription structure work?

The subscription model allows our clients to decide on their subscription package as their business evolves both from a scale up and scale down perspective. Essentially the model provides our clients with the ability to infinitely scale their engineering capacity in a timely manner. 

What if I want to modify the size of my team?

The flexibility of our subscriptions means that you don’t necessarily have to pay a fixed amount per month. You have the option to scale up or scale down your team size when you see fit. This means that you can scale your velocity on a project by project basis.

Can I use hours for upcoming months for use in this month if I have a tight deadline?

Fortunately with our flexible subscription model, you won’t have to. All you need to do is notify us and we can increase your monthly development hours to make sure you hit your tight deadline.

How does your team model work?

Our typical teams consist of: project leads, developers, delivery managers, designers, products strategists, QA testers and business analysts. 

Do I have to manage the team?

No, we provide you with a dedicated delivery/project manager who will be responsible for the management of your team. We do however value collaboration. 

If I have to hire a whole team, I might as well just do it myself? What makes the better option? can provide you with a perfectly suited team faster and more efficiently than hiring a development team in house. also manages all vetting, recruitment fees and management of your team. With our subscription model, we become a bolt on of your business without the need for permanent staff, allowing you to avoid all the admin, costs and time involved in putting together and training  your team. 

How flexible are the subscriptions?

All we need is 1-month notice period when changing between tiers within either the Level 1 to Level 4 plans or Custom. Let's plan according to your business needs.


How do payments work?

Payments will be made into the Wise account. Multiple payment methods are available.

Why are you so much cheaper?

We have direct access to top talent on the fastest growing continent globally, Africa. Through lower African costs we are able to beat your down the road supplier on price. Whilst competing on price, our quality promises a consistency of delivery

When do I pay my subscription?

Annual plan subscriptions pricing is invoiced in advance for preferential pricing. Quarterly and Monthly Subscriptions will be invoiced on the 1st of each month. Subscriptions are payable within 20 days.

Can I get a discount if I take multiple teams?

Absolutely, we are very happy to discuss a discount for multiple teams. Book a call with our team to discuss more

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