The Top 6 Must-Have Tools for Android App Development

With over three billion active users across 190 countries, Android is the undisputed leader of mobile operating systems.

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Dominating the market in countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Turkey, Android holds over 85 percent of the market in such countries. Last year alone, over 1.5 billion Android smartphones were shipped worldwide.

Given Android's massive global footprint, developing apps for this platform presents a huge opportunity to reach customers. To build seamless, high-performing Android apps that users love, having the right toolkit is critical. The software, emulators, game engines, and back-end services below empower developers throughout the entire app creation process - from initial design to final testing and deployment. This comprehensive set of solutions equips developers to capitalize on the thriving Android ecosystem.

Overview of an Android App Development Toolkit

Though Android dominates the global smartphone market share at over 70%, Apple's iOS leads in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. With billions of active users across both major mobile platforms, developers must be equipped to build apps for both ecosystems. A robust Android development toolkit empowers the creation of high-quality apps tailored specifically for Android users.

An efficient toolkit consists of integrated development environments (IDEs), emulators, software development kits (SDKs), build tools, debuggers, and more. IDEs enable seamless coding, testing, and debugging within a single interface. Emulators mimic Android devices for application testing and optimization. SDKs provide access to platform APIs and libraries. Build tools, package, and sign apps for release. With these solutions in place, developers can devote their full attention to crafting amazing user experiences that delight Android users worldwide. The right toolkit removes roadblocks, so creativity can flourish.

Tool 1

Android Studio - The Official Android IDE

As the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android, provided by Google. It has quickly become the dominant IDE in the Android developer ecosystem.

It has become the most widely used IDE for building Android apps, according to surveys and Google's own data. Its offerings include advanced code editing tools, emulators for testing, a visual layout editor, instant debugging, and more. As a result, Android Studio simplifies the entire app development workflow.

Tool 2

Genymotion - Fast Android Emulator

For quickly testing Android apps on various virtual devices, Genymotion is invaluable. Genymotion holds a significant market share, behind Google's official emulators. It provides cloud-based emulators that run much faster than the default emulator in Android Studio. Genymotion makes app debugging and testing far more efficient and faster.

Tool 3

Unity - Game Engine for Cross-Platform Development

For building high-quality games on Android, Unity is the leading mobile game engine. With over an estimated 29% of the market share in game development, it’s ranked as number one in its field. It allows developers to create 2D and 3D games with C# scripts, a visual editor, and robust physics systems. With a simplified workflow to make game development accessible to beginners, other competitors like Unreal and CryEngine have steeper learning curves. Unity games can be exported for Android and many other platforms.

Tool 4

Android SDK - Official Android APIs and Tools

The Android SDK provides APIs, system images, emulators, and tools directly from Google for building Android apps. This ensures compatibility with the latest OS features, as alternatives eventually lag behind. The SDK Manager lets developers install specific SDK packages, platforms, and other components required for development and testing.

Tool 5

Visual Studio - Microsoft’s IDE for C# and .NET Developers

For developers working in C# and .NET, Visual Studio is the preferred IDE. With Xamarin, Visual Studio can be used for professional Android development using C# and .NET frameworks. It provides an excellent integrated environment for .NET mobile app development. Microsoft’s tool has a market share of roughly 25.21% in the IDE market. Therefore, it is the second most used IDE among professional developers.

Tool 6

Adobe XD - Designing and Prototyping UI/UX

Adobe XD is one of the top three most popular UI design tools, along with Figma and Sketch. Currently holding a market share of approximately 15% in the collaborative design and prototyping market, it has rapidly gained adoption since its launch. Along with its seamless integrations with other Adobe offerings, it is a powerful tool for designing intuitive user interfaces and experiences. With XD, developers can mock up and prototype Android app layouts and workflows before writing any code. This helps streamline the entire design process.


This collection of powerful tools represents the best Android app development toolkit available today. From coding tools like Android Studio to emulators, game engines, and professional design software, these six solutions have everything needed to build world-class Android apps. Leveraging these tools helps developers maximize productivity and efficiency.

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