5 Tools Scrum Masters Need for Cross-Platform App Development

Meet the ultimate toolkit for agile scrum masters. With these essential tools, you can streamline collaboration, and accelerate success.

Overview of Scrum Masters and their Role

Scrum masters play a key role in enabling agile development by removing obstacles, facilitating communication, and promoting team effectiveness. To enable agile app development across iOS, Android, and the web, scrum masters need specialized tools that support collaboration across platforms. Integrated solutions are essential for scrum masters to enhance visibility, scale collaboration, track progress, and resolve blockers quickly.

This allows app developers to focus on writing code rather than logistics. Here are some of the top cross-platform tools for scrum masters in app development, with details on key capabilities, pricing tiers, and integration. 

Tool 1


Jira enables scrum masters to plan sprints, create user stories, and track progress across all platforms. Native mobile apps allow access to Jira on the go.

The $10/month starter plan supports up to 10 users. Premium plans unlock features like roadmap planning and advanced reporting. Tight integration with Xcode, Android Studio, and GitHub accelerates development. An estimated 90% of scrum masters rely on Jira for enhanced coordination and tracking.

Tool 2


Zeplin facilitates handoffs between designers and developers on iOS, Android, and the web. Members can collaborate via Mac, Windows, the web, and mobile apps.

Plans start at $15 per month for individuals and $39 for teams. Zeplin integrates with tools like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD used by designers of cross-platform apps. Features like style guides, specs, and automatic code snippets make Zeplin a must-have with over 1 million users.

Tool 3


Slack is the leading team communication app. Scrum masters can create channels to enable constant communication for remote teams. Key integrations, threaded conversations, and powerful search make Slack an indispensable hub for scrum masters to connect distributed teams.

Plus, native apps for Windows and Mac enable seamless communication. The Free plan supports unlimited members with 10K of searchable message history. Paid plans start at $6.67 per user per month and add unlimited apps, 24/7 support, and enhanced security. As a result, roughly 65% of scrum masters use Slack.

Tool 4


GitHub enables source code management on the cloud. Scrum masters rely on GitHub to review commit histories, track project progress in sprints, monitor code quality, and protect source code.

Integrations with IDEs and project management tools make GitHub fundamental for code-focused workflows. Personal plans are free, and Pro plans start at $7 per month for advanced security and team management. Tight integration with native IDEs like Xcode makes GitHub indispensable for mobile developers.

Tool 5

Google Meets

Google Meets enables scrum masters to conduct daily standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives through high-quality video conferencing. The free version supports up to 100 participants with call lengths of up to 60 minutes. Upgrading to a Workspace plan unlocks recording/streaming capabilities and increases limits. Mobile apps allow easy meeting access, and screensharing works across platforms.

Tight G Suite integration makes Google Meets a seamless virtual meeting tool. With over 60 million daily meeting participants, Google Meets has double the market share of competitors like Zoom and Skype for Business. Its tight integration with G Suite and easy accessibility make it a top choice for scrum masters coordinating agile teams.

Tool 6


With powerful cross-platform tools, scrum masters can maximize productivity and collaboration on app projects. Evaluating capabilities, integration, pricing, and ease of use ensures smart adoption of solutions that streamline workflows.

Modern scrum masters overseeing app developers must leverage specialized tools purpose-built for agile software development. Using integrated tools that connect team members across platforms is essential for scaling collaboration, enhancing visibility, and removing impediments.

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