Valtech: Staff Augmentation

Valtech is a successful and growing global digital agency focusing on business transformation for some of the biggest brands on the planet. has been working closely with Valtech to provide staff augmentation to help support growth on a number of key projects.
Ed Vincent
MD International

The Problem:

Valtech is a proudly UK organisation undergoing rapid expansion and growth. With over 23 global offices and clients from all over the world, they often find themselves struggling for capacity. Ensuring they have the right skill sets in place when projects kick off can be a seemingly impossible task for their recruitment team.

Project Requirements:

Valtech needed some major assistance from a staff augmentation point of view. They were bringing in new clients without having the capacity to work on the projects. They needed to find a solution to solve their capacity issue through a seamlessly efficient process while staying away from permanently hiring.

Enter has a dedicated staff augmentation department that focuses on sourcing and qualifying the best talent available. We expertly do this, ensuring we find the right candidate with the right skill set at the right cost. Over and above this, we strive to understand our client's internal culture, in this case, Valtech, so that we find the perfect technical fit but also a placement that aligns closely with the culture of the client.

Our Implementation:

Weekly alignment sessions with the Valtech recruitment and teams allowed us to keep a finger on the pulse at all times. Through the use of smart tooling (shared Trello boards, Google sheets and asynchronous forms of communication), we prioritised certain skill sets in tandem with the Valtech team, allowing us proactively forecast and find the right fit for the job. Add to this the growing Talent Acquisition network, that work tirelessly to ensure we have a steady influx of talented individuals, and you have your winning formula!

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Valtech: Staff Augmentation

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