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PPRO: Certified Fintech Unicorns

Scrums.com's acclaimed partnership with this FinTech unicorn, PPRO, is evidence of our ability to work with some of the biggest and fastest growing start-ups globally.

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Written by
Ed Vincent
Published on
July 6, 2021

PPRO: Certified Fintech Unicorns

Who Is PPRO?

PPRO helps consumers pay with the local payment method they trust and know, wherever they are. Their partners are local payment methods and payment service providers alike, that are connected through a single payment platform, a single contract and a single integration. This enables merchants to offer their customers the widest possible range of local payment types and services in markets worldwide. And with PPRO’s broad range of payment-related services, they help all their partners grow their businesses, work efficiently and make their transactions secure.

PPRO’s Dilemma

After seeing massive exponential growth over the last few years, many of PPRO’s client resources and services were becoming increasingly decentralised and increasingly difficult to manage.

With so many different touch points, information and documentation as well as tools being offered to their client partners, finding a way to keep track of everything in a centralised location seemed like the obvious solution to solve for this and offer more efficient operations and resources management.

This is where Scrums.com stepped in…

Scrums.com's Solution For PPRO

After an extensive analysis and requirements gathering phase, Scrums.com was able to provide PPRO with a solution to their dilemma. Scrums.com put forward a solution to build a multi-tenant user portal, which would offer PPRO the ability to manage and distribute information, documentation and services with their client partners.

PPRO Discover is now used as PPRO’s core touchpoint for all of their client partners to interact with PPRO. Everything from payment product information to technical documentation to BI services can be found on this portal!

As part of following Agile values, the PPRO Discover scrum team is responsive to business and market related changes, and can build out exactly what PPRO requires to satisfy their client partners. The team operates with scrum in order to best deliver value on a sprint-on-sprint basis to PPRO.

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