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Sureswipe: POS Lite

The development of Sureswipe’s POS Lite has opened up new business opportunities and markets for small-scale retail companies.

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Written by
Ed Vincent
Published on
July 6, 2021

Case Study: Sureswipe POS Lite

Company Bio

Industry: E-Commerce | Fintech
Sureswipe provides affordable access to portable card terminals for small-scale retailers. Their POS Lite application makes running transactions even more convenient as it offers a mobile application payment system, a web management system, as well as a business management reporting portal.

Innovation Overview

Sureswipe’s POS Lite mobile and web application provides an efficient, affordable and convenient transactional tool for South Africa’s growing SMME sector. The POS Lite solution is not only easy to use but can be accessed at any time and in any environment, optimising the users business flexibility and opportunity to grow. Solution

Stack: Mobile & Web (React, React Native, October CMS, SQL, Laravel)
Project Scope: UX Design | UI Design | Software Development

Credit card terminals lack functionality, are slow, generally outdated, and often leave a business owner needing more support to help facilitate and manage their transactions. The development of Sureswipe’s POS Lite has opened up new business opportunities and markets for small scale retail companies, who with the application are better able to receive customer payments from anywhere, as well as receive better insights into their business.

The system is connected to and was built with a complementary web management and reporting portal, allowing business oversight of all transactions. The system also offers functionality for users to add locations, employees, categories, sale items, taxes and other useful data that helps business owners gather insights that can assist in formulating future business decisions and strategies. With additional integrations with Handpoint and printer hardware, the POS Lite application truly is an all-in-one payment system that allows entrepreneurs to run their business on the go.

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