How to create a CV for a software developer job

Learn the tips and tricks to make your software developer CV stand out. Discover the key skills and experiences to highlight, and create a compelling resume that will help you land your dream job in the tech industry.

Paula Eltringham
February 1, 2023
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Are you applying for software development jobs but having no luck landing one? The trouble might be with your CV. Software developers need to know how to craft a CV that will make their skills and qualifications stand out to potential employers. Here at Scrums, we know what we like to see in a CV, and we’re here to show you how to create yours.

The Importance of a Well-Crafted CV for Software Developers

For software developer jobs, creating a CV might not seem that important. But let us assure you that it is. Here’s the deal: there are 26.8 million software developers in the world right now, and getting an employer to choose you from that vast pool of candidates takes some doing. This is where your CV comes in.

A well-crafted CV can make you stand out from the crowd. You want a potential employer to notice your application and be immediately interested in your skills and experience. Creating an effective CV requires incorporating several essential elements.

Tailor Your CV to the Job

The first thing you want to do is to tailor your CV to the particular job you are applying for. This means not using the same CV you used to apply for your first job as an intern and definitely not using a template. Instead, before submitting your CV, research the job requirements for the specific job you are interested in.

Using this information, craft your CV to emphasize your ability to meet those requirements by highlighting your relevant experience and skills. Likewise, use industry-specific keywords and phrases, like “databases,” “encryption,” and “integration testing,” to show the employer that you know what you are talking about. Finally, showcase on your CV specific projects and technologies you have worked with that you believe the employer would like to see.

Effectively Format and Design Your CV

Once you have tailored the content of your CV for the specific job listing, you want to ensure the formatting and design are visually appealing and easy to read. We recommend using a clean and modern design without fluff or obnoxious extravagance.

Begin your CV with a personal statement and a summary section that succinctly describes you and your capabilities for the job. Then, use headings to highlight important information and separate your experience from your skills. For a concise and crisp design, you should use bullet points for listing details under these headers.

Highlight Your Technical Skills

Software development jobs require special technical skills, and you will certainly want to highlight those on your CV. While you can cover some of your skills in the experience section, you should have a separate area where you list your technical skills and qualifications clearly and concisely so potential employers can see exactly what you can do.

In the skills section, include examples of projects or technologies you have worked on. Have you worked with AWS? List it and describe what you did. Additionally, software development employers are interested in seeing whether you have earned certifications, like CCSP, or done additional training, so be sure to include those details.

Seek Feedback from Pros

Creating a CV for a software developer job means tailoring it for the specific employer and job requirements, formatting and designing it in a crisp and clean way, and highlighting your technical skills. After doing this, we highly recommend seeking feedback from industry professionals before submitting your CV to a potential employer. Hey, did you know we are hiring software developers? Sign up to The Connector and send your CV to us!

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