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Okay, you read that title and you are already bored. “Every business is a software company” is definitely the new, “strike while the iron is hot”. So motivational, so provocative, so stimulating, yet so blah. It’s like ordering a motivational quote off Wish. It sounds good, its intentions are there, but its landing is somewhat anti-climatic. Read more about what Scrums.com truly thinks about this quote and how it aims to solve the major issues of software companies!

Andrea Jonker
August 30, 2022
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Okay, you read that title and you are already bored. I know everyone who thinks they are innovative and on the verge of a technological breakthrough has said it “Every business is a software company” - Watts S. Humphrey; Satya Nadella; Forbes; CNN; Scrums.com et al. It’s one of those unavoidable sentences every CEO says at his company year-end function; that every software engineer says at her first interview and that every sales team pitches to their tiresome client.

Every business is a software company” is definitely the new, “strike while the iron is hot”. So motivational, so provocative, so stimulating, yet so blah. It’s like ordering a motivational quote off Wish. It sounds good, its intentions are there, but its landing is somewhat anti-climatic.

I’m not saying that I don’t think it’s true, because, as you will soon find out, I am a true advocate of that quote (the et al I referred to in the first paragraph is me, I am et al). I just don’t think many companies or individuals understand the true value in this statement or see the pain points attached to it. Software development, in its best form - Agile Scrum,  is the ultimate source of innovation, capacity, speed, disruption, collaboration, and agility. It is the repository of everything known and everything that will be known. It is the one thing that will allow scaling businesses to succeed, but also the one thing that will make them fail. This one thing, that so many people have access to, is underutilized, over-complicated and its obstacles underrated.

So if every company is a software company or at the very least, becoming a software company, what are some of the problems they are facing?

  • I know I need to digitize to keep up with the competition, but I don't know where to start
  • I’m scaling quickly, but I can’t afford to hire a permanent team of developers
  • Software development is so expensive in the US
  • I can’t find reliable developers
  • My recruitment team does not have the right experience to hire the right developers for the job
  • I don’t have the capacity to hire a whole new team
  • I already have an engineering team, but I’m missing one core skilled developer
  • I can’t risk outsourcing this job to cheap Indian or Eastern European engineers
  • My project needs to be agile and  built iteratively but I don’t have a flexible team

*Side note: Okay, so I may have followed some must-do steps when it comes to writing and squeezed in some brand mentions in the first part of this article. Come on, you can’t blame me.

Just in case you spent the first 2 minutes thinking that this was just an article about a cool software topic, I’d like to introduce Scrums.com! Scrums.com is a platform that provides high-quality engineering teams to scale enterprises at lower costs. It supplies development teams that design, build, deploy and maintain custom software that gives growing businesses the opportunity to grow world-class businesses.

By the way, all those problems that I listed, we can solve them ;) But now that we’re all caught up, back to the issue at hand.

We as individuals make use of software in our daily lives that supersede the sophistication of software used by many businesses. Yet, even making use of the most rudimentary pieces of software, qualifies a business as a software company. Whether it's holding online meetings, ordering office supplies off an e-commerce website, or managing warehouse inventory, almost every business is making use of technology in one way or another. They are seamlessly integrating into the digital world, without even knowing it. More and more businesses using legacy systems are feeling the urge to invest in new tools of analysis, measurement, and communication or to maintain & support existing tools to evaluate, process, and distribute their essential data.

Scrums.com was created to solve the issues of scale faced by almost every growing enterprise or as I should say, every growing software business. It hand-crafts teams of remote, vetted software engineers and offers them to clients on flexible subscriptions, at a lower cost than the average software development company in the US. scrums.com understands that software development needs to be, reliable, on-demand, flexible and simple, and its model ensures that each of these requests is met.


  • Scrums.com has a team of experienced recruiters that hire only the top software engineers across the globe. Scrums.com invests in un-tapped talent pools. Many countries are accelerators of fast-growing tech eco-systems, meaning these developers are well versed in diverse legacy and novelty technologies. We carefully hire the best tech talent and purposefully hand-craft teams based on the skills needed for the project requirements.


  • Kick-off within 10 days. Having a pool of pre-vetted developers means that teams can be put together quickly and can be ready to start on the project very quickly. Scrums.com allows businesses to scale quickly to achieve development goals.


  • After mastering the way in which world-class products are built, the next organic step for Scrums.com was to refine the way development was done. Scrums.com offers a subscription model that ensures clients have the ability to scale up or down, depending on project requirements, budget, timeline, and number of engineers needed.


  • The Scrums.com platform was built to make hiring development teams to be as easy as clicking a button. Log onto our website, hit ‘book a demo’ and its sales team will reach out to discuss your requirements. Scrums.com is a proven expert at solving engineering problems of scale, so let us do what we do best.

So yes, we too are saying “every business is a software company”, but not leaving you on a cliffhanger wondering why that really matters to you. We’re telling you that you, that there are real, human problems faced by these so-called companies. It’s not enough to put yourself into this category and feel as though you too are a pioneer on the verge of a breakthrough. You need to understand that with this natural advancement, come pain points associated with being a scaling software company. But we are saying, that while you steer the ship, we will ensure all engineering-related ice burgs are dealt with quickly and reliably.

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